Payphone Down


Payphone Down

I drove by this one a couple days prior and had the booth lying on the sidewalk, broken and abused.  By the time I returned to record it the call box and receiver had been removed to parts unknown.  For some reason I kept having scene from Black Hawk Down flash through my head when I saw this on.

Tacoma sure isn’t Mogadishu, but sometimes it seems pretty run down.

Payphone Down
Payphone Down


Three guys with RPGs! Coming up on your side! Now!

Stay with it!

This is 6-1. I’m hit. I’m hit.

Super 6-1 is hit. He is hit. Wolcott’s phone is hit.

Hey Bull, you want to pull those PCLs offline or what?

Right, babe.

6-1 going down, 6-1 going down.

Super 6-1 is going down. He is going down.

Hold on!


We’ve got a Pay Phone down, we’ve got a Pay Phone down.

Super 6-1 is down. We’ve got a phone down in the city.





G O D  S A V E  T H E  R E P U B L I C

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