A Tale of Two Security Postures

November 20, 2023

Why do people still have non-locking mailboxes? These two sets of boxes are nearly directly across the street from one another and, while the first group (in the picture above) is missing everything and has been thoroughly pilfered, the second group (picture below) stands alone, unbothered.

It’s because people are lazy. They want the easy money or the quick score. Why spend time or effort on the one set of boxes when they can, just as easily, hit the easy targets across the street?

Like that old tired joke about the two guys who were being chased by a lion and one of them stops to change his shoes. The other guy looks at him like he’s crazy and tells him that it doesn’t matter what shoes he’s wearing, the lion is still faster. The first guy replies, “I don’t have to be faster than the lion. I just have to be faster than you.”

You don’t have to be Fort Knox to be relatively secure. You might just have to be a less-inviting target than the next target in line.

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