Leave them better than you found them

October 23, 2023

Most often our customers in this industry are having one of, if not the, worst days of their lives and they may not know what to do other than call 911.

They forget their address, they forget their dates of birth, they may not even have known what kind of service they need or if it’s possible for us to provide.

But what they won’t forget is how they were treated by whomever they talk to on the phone or the radio.

Whether they are hysterical or tyrannical, drunk or sober, their day should be made just that much better for having reached you on the phone or radio. Whether you leave them with a smile or a clear understanding of what you can and cannot do, or where they might turn to find more help or resources, we should always strive to leave them better than we found them.

I fully realize that some customers simply will not be understanding of what we do or how we can or cannot help them. They may not be able to understand or they may refuse to accept the answers they are given.

Regardless, they are still customers and, more importantly, they are people. We, the professional helpers and problem solvers, should endeavor to always leave them better than we found them. Giving someone true and direct information or feedback is necessary – what they do or do not do with that information is up to them.

Be polite. Be professional. Be helpful. Even to those who cannot or will not acknowledge it. Make them em laugh and make them smile. You won’t be forgotten so you may as well make their day.

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