Retooling, Reevaluating, Relearning, Re…something

November 6, 2016

Welcome to the relaunch.

  • I’m learning new things every day and slowly acquainting myself with the technology that seems to make up every sing thing around us these days
  • 2five3 is my first attempt at a self-hosted website and, while I am using a WordPress platform, I’m busy under the hood of this beast keeping it up and operational via Amazon Web Services
  • Computers and technology have changed a lot over the last decade and it seems that the pace of change is accelerating more and more with each passing day
  • I’m hoping to learn more about how deeply interwoven the fivers of our electronic lives truly are
  • There are some older posts somewhere around here, from another incarnation of a blog I once maintained
  • Don’t be surprised to find the format here change frequently
  • Good luck to us all

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