Why Bother?

November 3, 2018

Had a project, needed some stuff at Lowe’s.  Walked in the main entrance to find this:

I continued in through the main doors and mentioned to the employees at the customer service desk that their server room was wide open.  My statement was met with a blank stare and a shrug.  Clearly uninterested

I found what I needed, made my [cash!] purchase and on my way out went to check if things had changed.  They had not.  I asked to talk with the store manager, hoping someone would at least care enough to close a door that (I assume) is normally secured.  The store manager just said no one knew why it was open, it was open when she came on shift and she assumed someone was doing something.

Shaking my head I left.

Security theater is a thing, but this wasn’t even that.  Just a wide open and welcoming door into the heart of Lowe’s computer networks.

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